We would like to introduce ourselves as Balakrishna Sreekumar & Co., Certified Public Accountants in Practice (CPP) and would like to give our brief profile as follows:

  • Balakrishna Sreekumar & Co, (previously known as Tanna Somaiya & Co) was established in Tanzania in 1945.
  • We are spearheaded by Dr. B. S. Sree Kumar as the Managing Partner.
  • With a cumulative audit experience of more than half a century, our expertise in the field of auditing and the quality of the services has been ever increasing. This can be gauged from the following facts:
    • We have got more than 400 clients
    • We audit the financial statements for organizations from the following segments of businesses:
      • Manufacturing
      • Trading
      • Service Industry
      • Advertisement
      • Infrastructure
      • Construction
      • Aviation
      • Transportation
      • Hotel and Hospitality
      • Banking Services
      • Diamond Mining
      • Agriculture and harvesting
      • World bank funded projects
      • Shipping lines
      • NGOs and Charitable Organizations
      • Fresh water and sewerage service provider
      • Earth moving equipments and service provider

M/s Unique Financial Services Ltd. - a leading Management Consultancy company;

Law Associates - a firm of Advocates, Notaries Public and Commissioners for Oaths based in Dar es Salaam;

Unique Academy Ltd. - leading IT education service provider.

  • 1945 - Established as a Certified Public Accountant in Public Practice.
  • 1981 to 1998 - The correspondent firm of Price Waterhouse (as then known) for a period of 17 years.
  • 2003 - Got the accreditation from the Central Bank of Tanzania known as Bank Of Tanzania (BOT) to perform the attest function of auditing the financial statements of Banking and Financial Institutions established in the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • 2004 - Took over Patel, Shah and Joshi, Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice, one of the oldest audit firms in the whole of East Africa with a clientele of more than 200.
  • The partners have got the accreditation from the Tanzania Revenue Authorities (TRA) and are certified to do all kinds of tax audits and tax consultancy.
  • 2007 - Registered by the World Bank as the World Bank Group Vendor which entitles us to bid for any of the project of the World Bank
  • 2007 - Selected and enrolled by the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) of Tanzania as an authorized Auditor for auditing the financial statements of various Governmental and parastatal organizations.
  • The partners are very well known in the business market as well as the professional circle due to the contribution that they have been making in raising the standard of the Accountancy profession in the country.
    • Dr. B.S. Sree Kumar is a Member of the Education and Publication Committee of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors.
    • He is also the Executive Director of M/s Unique Financial Services Ltd., a leading Management Consultancy company in Tanzania.
    • Visiting professor at the faculty of law, University of Dar es Salaam.